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Life In Perpetual Beta | About


Life in Perpetual Beta is a documentary film about the ways in which technology has/is/will change the ways in which we think about ourselves as individuals and a society. It is exploring the cultural shift that technology creates as it enables people to live less planned and more passionate lives.
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About the Producer

Melissa Pierce Headshot

I'm Melissa Pierce and I'm the producer of the interview documentary, Life In Perpetual Beta. I don't have much experience in film, however, I do ask a lot of questions in my line of work. (No, I'm not an investigative reporter or an interrogator, or a professional test maker I'm a life coach). Every day, I ask people questions to help them discover who they are and what they are passionate about doing, and then help them do just that, because that's what I'm passionate about.

I'm making this documentary about listening to your authentic self, unleashing your creativity, and living in the moment, every moment. A film about the same kinds of things my clients struggle with. A documentary told by everyday people, about how technology has changed the way we think about ourselves and enabled our lives to be more spontaneous and less planned.

I hope you enjoy the preview above, as well as the production blog as I document the making of this film.

Thanks & thinks,

Melissa Pierce

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