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Disclaimer: Melissa Pierce edited this video clip all by herself. Had a professional done it, you would have gleefully skipped around your home singing praises to the professional craftsmanship. Music by Aric Naue

A little know fact, but if you go back to the beginning of this blog, you will see that Daniel Pink sparked this whole video quest of mine that I now call Life In Perpetual Beta.  Somebody said to me about Daniel Pink, " Hey did you see this guys website, it’s pretty cool." and so I visited his Johnny Bunco site, saw that he was coming to Chicago in the next two days, Googled what the 6 career lessons were (since I didn’t have even the book) and found the 6 lessons printed on chopsticks posted on flickr.

 I showed up at a Bunko Breakfast not knowing much about Daniel Pink or any of the books he wrote.  I knew he was somebody I needed to talk to though, so I brought my camera to record it…. I didn’t know why I needed to record it, or why I wanted to interview him, but I went, and I asked him my questions, and the movie idea came into my head as it was all happening.

Fast forward 4 months and here I am, interviewing him again with a camera crew. Not that I’m a professional now by any means, I make mistakes – for example, I showed up for this interview a day early- but I’m persistent, and according to Daniel Pink Books, that’s the stuff right there, persistence.

"Design Thinking is solving problems in elegant ways" – Daniel Pink

This particular conversation about design, about how thinking differently… "thinking like designers in all areas of our life" resonated with me.  Anyone that knows me or my coaching knows that this is what I’m about at the moment, not design exactly, but creativity.  I believe that creativity is not just reserved for artists, creativity is about being imaginative, innovative, enterprising, resourceful and AUTHENTIC.  So how do we apply this design thinking this authentic thinking in this new economy, that’s what I want to know.


 I had a friend caution me about bringing the economy into this film, about bringing making money into this film… he thought it would detract from the message, dilute the importance of what I had to say (really what I had to find out) but I’m thinking that this film is just another film about following your heart if I don’t bring the real world into it. How do we stay true to who we are and still succeed in the real world? That’s the question we’re all asking isn’t it?  If design thinking and creative process are what’s necessary to succeed in this new economy, and my hypothesis is that creativity is indeed a component of the formula of authenticity. (intuition is the covalent bond that ties them together)  than, in order to figure out the at what point the spiritual and real world are joined -theoretically speaking- we have to discuss economy, how things are bought and sold, how – if our creativity is now a commodity… how do we sell ourselves without losing who we are?

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  1. Melissa, that’s a big question.

  2. I loooove it!
    I remember that first video of him in the cafe.
    In fact, my comments are still up there harassing you for that awful job with the camcorder. I remember when you would nod in agreement with him, the camera would bob up and down.
    anyway, this one was great!
    you even made him ‘disappear’ in the end. great trick!

  3. We too are thinking Pink, and his advice and teaching our kids to be themselves. I think you summed it up with the “A” word, authentic. Great project, Perpetual Beta.

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