Field Testing Creativity With Jim Coudal

Aug 6th 2008 | 6 Comments | respond | trackback

Disclaimer: Melissa herself edited this video, had it been edited by a professional editor and not a life coach, it would’ve been 200x cooler.  Also, if you like the music behind Jim’s interview, it’s Godspeed You Black Emperor – Hope.


 Jim Coudal is one of those people that you want around if you have a question to ask, any question.  He’s like a big friendly encyclopedia that makes bizarre connections between seemingly unrelated things.  Which is why it was so great to get him talking. 

We shot this interview in the Coudal Partners office.  The same office we interviewed Jason Fried in incidentally – and I think, this is some of the reason why I didn’t go too easy on Jim.  Remembering my soft hearted interview questions from my last interview at that office, I opted for discussing theory…

I asked the big one, the one that knocks around in my head constantly, "what is the connection between creativity and authenticity?"

You’ve watched Jim’s answer, what’s yours?

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  1. Jim (and the whole Coudal team for that matter) is a creative genius. I especially love the three questions they ask before starting a project. Great advice, thanks for the video!

  2. Great interview. This kind of short-burst information and inspiration is great.

    Gold nugget right here: “If you can get in touch with what’s happening in the creative process, maybe you can make it happen more often.”

    Thanks for the video, and the blog!

  3. love it! i pay really close attention… for short periods… too!

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