Dean Kamen and the Importance of Hands on Science

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10 minutes with Dean Kamen on a balcony? Why yes, even without a lavalier microphone at hand, I jumped at the opportunity to ask him questions about changing our culture to be one that contributes and celebrates scientific discovery. Dean Kamen refers to himself as a "mascot" for technology, however, I like to think of him as the poster boy for what a person with drive and curiosity can do. Dean discusses how if we use the same marketing and hands on tactics as sports do, every youngster would want to be a scientist. He also says that even though men might generally be more physically strong than women, women can compete with what counts – with their mind. Dean’s organization, First Robotics aims to change the way that girls are taught to interact with science and tech, because he thinks that girls particularly are at risk for being culturally conditioned to dislike science and building.

"Girls can compete in the only sport  in which humans compete in the unlimited class – thinking and problem solving. Girls have every bit the same capacity to be inventive and creative as the guys do and they should sieze that opportunity to have real leadership roles in all of the fields that will create the future." 


Special thanks to the IEEE for making the opportunity to interview Dean possible.

Dean Kamen

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  1. Melissa, what kind of audio inputs does your camera accept? I might be able to help. Wonderful material, great subject.

  2. Ah, we got the interview spur of the moment and didn’t have a lav with us. Would have loved to have more than a shotgun in such a noisy environment.

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