Why Do We Love Jason Fried?

Jul 18th 2008 | 7 Comments | respond | trackback

It was extremely hard to decide what footage we kept secret for the film and what we could share with the blog. As always, this editing job was done by Melissa, not the professionals who are filming and editing the film. There are a few things I have to admit here: Firstly, I didn’t really know how hugely popular Jason Fried is when I scheduled this interview. What I knew was that he spoke at Seed Conference and that he had a philosophy that seemed be aligned with our film. Second, I didn’t do a lot of studying about him before this interview, and I have no excuse, I had plenty of time – it seems I like to get my impressions and inspirations in the moment of interaction, however I’m not altogether certain that my "fly by the seat of my pants" style of interviewing is a good idea. Third, He was so relaxed and at home talking with us, it was easy to see why he is the media darling of the tech and entrepreneurial world. He makes working and living from the heart look easy – like anybody could make this work. I mean, the man served us tea with so much enthusiasm for what he was doing it was an experience in itself! I was disarmed by the charming way he talked about the preparation of snow white tea. And finally, I really thought I took it easy on this guy. Don’t get me wrong, he had some great insights, however it would be great to reinterview him. Maybe I got too comfortable with him, because it really was like hanging out with one of my friends, like we could continue the conversation indefinitely. So I’m learning about the fundamentals of interviewing as I go along. It’s an interesting lesson though, that the more I like someone, the more comfortable I am with them, the harder it is for me to interview them. I wonder than what/if "like" has to do with the way we perceive genuineness and autheticness. Is that the reason we like something or somebody, because we are attracted to the uniqueness? This also brings me back to what Sidney Levy said about sincerity vs authenticity, I have to wonder where the line is, and as I watch this video, I see some of both… thinking thinking, what am I thinking? What do you think?

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  1. Melissa,

    Fabulous job! Your authenticity and not being a ‘professional’ is part of the uniqueness and spontaneity that makes the video so fun, don’t loose that as you gain experience interviewing, ok?

    I want to see the rest of the video. The piece on the vlog is about 4 minutes, what is the total amount of time you spent filming this particular interview? It will be great someday to see the entire thing.

    Was the chair thing and rearranging his seating meant to be hillarious? If not, it is so funny, you should do something slightly different but still pertaining to his seating and it’s position for interview number 2, that would really set a fun mood and might even get Jason Fried laughing. :)

    Really Melissa a fantastic job! I think this is just the type of interviews people want to see, not so formal yet very authentic and entertaining.

    Keep Rockin It! Now I’m a fan for life, subscribing and can’t wait to see the interviews when they are recorded of the interviews that you are doing in the later part of July and August.

    Also love your biweekly Vlog, your personality really comes through.

    Vicky H

  2. Very interesting clip, thanks for sharing it. Would really look forward to seeing the rest of the interview.

    Great job!

  3. The rest of the interview will actually be in the movie itself, so, we’re keeping it top secret for now. We are re-interviewing Jason soon, so perhaps we will be putting more of our interviews with him up shortly.

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