Life In Perpetual Beta World Premiere

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Chicago Independent Film Festival

Life In Perpetual Beta

World Premiere

Date: May 26th

Time: 6pm


Charlie Chaplin Theater

St. Augustine College

1345 W. Argyle Ave.

Chicago, IL 60640

 You have no idea how excited and nervous I am to announce the world premiere of my very first documentary… hell, my very first film… ever. Or maybe you do know, maybe you know what it’s like to put your heart and sweat into a project and see it through to it’s fruition, to send it out to be judged by a jury of heaven who knows… but I hope it’s you. I hope you will join me in watching what two years of crowdsourcing, DIY filmmaking, and asking questions has gotten us. I hope you come out and see what 45hrs of interviews looks like edited down to 40 minutes of documentary.


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