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Disclaimer: Melissa edited this interview herself – very late at night. Had a professional edited this video, you could have gone blind after seeing it and been perfectly fine with the knowledge that you had indeed seen all there was to see in the world.  The music is by Sans Analog. (available soon…)

 Up until this interview, I had never seen David Armano in person, if fact, all I knew about the internet celebrity I learned on twitter.  I had no plan to interview him, I’m not even sure that I know how I came to decide to interview him, somewhere buried deep in my brain lies the answer, but it doesn’t matter. I’m glad I did.

The above paragraph is a brilliant micro-illustration of the point of my lil’ film project here.

I do minimal planning, and I follow my instinct as I find new information, and I add that to my cache of knowledge, which leads me to ask more questions, and be passionate about new things and people.  And this whole instinct and improvise thing I’ve got going seems to be serving me pretty well. I’m just rolling with it, I’m planning just enough in advance that I can take the next step. I can’t get it wrong, because I’ll never get it done.

An even more brilliant illustration of the point is a ven diagram from Mr. Armano himself. 



And while I’ll admit that the little speck in the middle of planning and improvising that says "we are here." has my mind referencing a piece of dust in Horton Hears a Who, I can just focus enough on the gist of the simple diagram to recognize that it is profound enough to be part of a much larger conversation. So the question is,  where are you?

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  1. If you are looking for comments on David’s video, you should visit his blog… he embeded the video there too… they love him over there at LOGIC+ EMOTION

  2. I loved this interview. It made so much sense to me to understand that this is how creative people and probably many other people feel. We want to feel unfettered in our lives and that element of predictability of routine can rob us of the time needed for creative reflection.
    The creative urge lies deeply within some of us and has to be respected as an integral part of our mind.
    As a mother, I share insights with my child to help her make sense of the world and be prepared to be ready for the future. I tell her to trust her own judgement and honour it.
    I also encourage her to be creative as far as possible and to listen to her inner voice about what she should create.
    I instilled in her the value of her creative efforts.
    You have to work with the features of your mind and personality. Accepting this, you can lead the most rewarding life available to you.

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