Ian Sanders on Juggling Ambiguity

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This interview was filmed in December, and it took months and months to get the tape from London, to San Fransisco to Chicago. After it got to Chicago, it took another month to get a camera to import it, and another three weeks to post it on this blog.  I tell you that because, life is messy, and priorities, at least for me, are constantly shifting. I really wanted to drive home the point that juggling all the things, people, and ideas in your life can be a long and frustrating process,  but if you stick with it, no matter what pace, great things can happen, interesting ideas emerge, and you may just find things out about yourself you never knew before.

I met Ian Sanders through an email he sent to me after he watched my interview with Gary Vaynerchuck, he was writing a book at the time that was very much in line with Life In Perpetual Beta and we continued that conversations over several months. Ian finished his second book, Juggle – Rethink Work, Reclaim Your Life just a few months before he and I presented together at South By Southwest. The book is pretty great, and this film even gets a few sentences in it. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Ian’s book resonates with me as I juggle filmmaking, full time parenting, and life coaching.

I was so glad when camera person extraordinaire Adrienne Brawley volunteered to interview Ian while she was in London, so far, it’s my first and only remote interview.  Ian picked a wonderful spot to interview in, a quiet pub that wasn’t opened for the day yet, however as life has a tendency to do, plans turned on a dime, and what we have is an interview in a crowded pub all the way across town.  (Good thing Ian is a pro dealing with ambiguity) The background noise is a testament to rolling with it and juggling obligation, innovation, and ambiguity. Ian’s next book will be about this ambiguity, I’m sure of it.

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