Paradox Found – Liz Strauss Bridges the Gap

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Disclaimer: This video although being shot professionally by Sarah Carlson, was edited by Melissa Pierce - watch at your own risk.



I met Liz Strauss author of Successful Blog in May this year at SOBcon (A Business Conference for bloggers that she founded)  Yes, that’s S.O.B…. as in Successful and Outstanding Blogger! Did I mention that Liz has a twisted sense of humor as well? I have to admit, I didn’t know Liz Strauss from Adam when I showed up there, but as I nosed around the "production office" waiting to find out where I could interview Clay Collins and Terry Starbucker, I noticed her, I could tell that she was different, and it was apparent that the people around her adored her, looked up to her, and took care of her.   Now, this is just not something you see happening at a conference normally, at least not something that you notice that actually has any depth.  I think though, that this may be where women excel in social media though… it’s one of the reasons I am presenting about the Rise of The Spider Woman at SXSW this year. (vote for it!)

The people at the conference and in the production office all have very deep relationships with one another, and what I found out, is that these relationships were deep even before they ever met one another in person.  That’s right…. they met and built relationships online. (For a very notable example of that check out an interview I did earlier and pay very close attention to Lorelle VanFossen’s story)

It’s nothing new to some of us younger folk to make deep connections online.  The interesting thing is that Liz was able to take these online relationships (relationships where you get to know someone’s "essence") and continue them with the same unbiased way offline!  I think Sidney Levy spoke to that as well, that the internet makes light of barriers that would otherwise prevent you from ever truly "seeing" another human being in different social/economic conditions.  He hypothesized though, that it was much tougher to understand them once they showed up with all their real life baggage.  That online was the authenticity and offline was the sincerity. (watch his interview and you can see why he thinks they are different)


Technology ushers in the strangest paradox ever…  You can know someones heart – who they ARE in a very real distilled way, without knowing anything about them…. it’s like a futuristic collective consciousness sci-fi thriller, only it’s happening NOW.  Is there a major for this yet, like e-psychology?  There should be.  But can you really boil down your entire reason for being into one word? Liz did.



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  1. very much enjoyed that!

  2. Very much enjoyed a chance to be a part of all of this!

  3. @v, thanks!
    @lizstrauss, it was my pleasure!

  4. Very nice.

    Liz always makes me re-think what I’m doing in my business and, indeed, my life.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. hey this one turned out nice.. the work paid off :)

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